We Need an EPA Director Who Cares About the Environment

We Need an EPA Director Who Cares About the Environment

#NoToPruitt #EPA

One hundred seventy+ environmental organizations have joined together to oppose Pruitt’s nomination to head EPA. In a letter to supporters, the media and Congress, here’s what they conclude about his nomination:

President-elect Trump’s nominee to head the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, has actively worked against the mission of the agency
he has been nominated to lead.

He should be rejected by the Senate.

Scott Pruitt’s views and actions run counter to the EPA’s critical mission
to protect our health and the environment.

He is unfit to administer the laws he would be entrusted to enforce.

I know we’re just kids, but this just doesn’t make sense. I think we’re going to have to be part of the #checksandbalances that make our country great. We’re talking about ideas and trying to figure out how we can have the most impact. Got ideas? Join EcoKid and let us know! Meanwhile thanks to the NRDC, Moms Clean Air Force, and the hundreds of other organizations who care about clean air, food, water, and life more than they care about corporations.

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