2006 Our moms and their friends founded EcoMom.com and EcoMomAlliance.org. Support and enthusiasm immediately grow.


2007 Watching his mom and Aunt Nicole work away at EcoMom®, Corbin, then 6 years old, asks “Can we do EcoKid too?” He builds “eco kid discovery boxes” filled with tools to explore the great outdoors. His friends ask for EcoKid Discovery Boxes as birthday presents. The url EcoKid.com is purchased, and Uncle Justin designs t-shirts. Eco-moms and dads promptly scoop them up.


2008 With a global network of EcoMom Community Leaders, and EcoMom members all over the world, EcoMom is featured on the cover of the New York Times, helping to launch what would become, “The Green Mom Movement.” Corbin joins his mom at New York Fashion Week for the Be EcoChic Show where he learns about children living in landfills in India. He asks “Can we do EcoKid and stop that?”


2009 The media buzz continues with coverage on news outlets and in magazines such as Redboook, San Francisco Chronicle, and Marin Magazine.composting video with Robin Wright makes composting cool and EcoMom Community Directors Liz Held and Sherry McConkey have their hands full with more and more Community Leaders joining the movement. Corbin asks, “Can Eco Kids do events in their neighborhoods?”


2010 EcoMom Alliance Community Leaders are hosting events around the world, growing awareness about environmental health and the power of moms to reduce global warming and promote a sustainable future. With co-founders Jenny Orser and Chrise de Tournay Birkhahn, EcoMom.com grows and is acquired by outside investors.


2012 We got older and understood as our moms went through some stuff with ecomom.com. We learned a lot. And got pretty mad too. Frustrated by a lack of ethics in business, chem trails, polluted oceans, and deforestation at the hands of fast food companies, we asked again “Can we do EcoKid now?” But our moms aren’t quite ready to help us out and we’re not quite smart enough…yet!

2015 Devastated by the oil spill in California that covered Rincon Point – where we have grown up surfing – we realized the time is right, and finally…EcoKid.com can grow up.

2017 We saw some pretty awful behavior by our “leaders” during the presidential election. We know we would have gotten grounded if we did, and said, some of what they did. Time to step up and rally some more kids.