WE’VE GROWN UP SURFING, backpacking, snowboarding, and exploring in nature, and we’re grateful for everything it has taught us about stewardship, and working together.

NOW, WE’RE ON A MISSION to rally kids of all ages to become more aware of the power they have to do good.

OUR THEORY OF CHANGE is based on the natural positivity and inquisitiveness of kids. We want to dream, explore, test, and try new things; and the world desperately needs new ways of doing things. 

We think kid’s ideas can make the world a better place.



EcoKid harvesting | www.ecokid.com

“It was so cool learning about snow safety. The Avalanche Safety teacher made it really fun, even though it was kind of scary to think about.” – Sean

EcoKid Group at Rincon | www.ecokid.com

“Surfing. Cleaning up the beach. Learning about currents. More surfing.  That was so fun!” – Brielle

EcoKid group in snow | www.ecokid.com

EcoKids | www.ecokid.com

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