Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Pollution

Rock Renewable

Choose products such as toys, furniture, utensils, and clothes that are made with renewable resources like wood, organic plant fibers, and stainless steel rather than plastic.

Cut the Rings

The plastic rings that hold six-packs of drinks get wrapped around marine animals and maim or kill them. Try to get drinks without the plastic holders, but if you must, at least cut them up before putting them in the landfill. Check out our video on The Cut Project

Be A Super Hero

We all like to play with plastic super heroes, but here’s the deal: get them at the thrift shop rather than new. That way there’s no off-gassing of toxins and, your family will save money, which means you can probably get more super heroes.

Get a Cool Reusable Water Bottle

Most of the time bottled water is no safer than tap water and costs 1,ooo times as much. Save $ and save on pollution by carrying your water bottle to soccer games and other activities. Train your self to fill it up before you leave the house or school.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Remind your parents to bring reusable cloth bags when you go to the store.

Bag the Baggies

Use wax-coated fabric wraps and reusable, stainless steel or glass containers rather than plastic sandwich bags and food wraps.

Just Say No

To single serving plastic packaging. Instead, ask your parents to buy in bulk and share with friends and family. Watch this video and learn how to make a waste free lunch.

Be Self-Contained

If you and your parents are picking up takeout or bringing home leftovers, be prepared with your own reusable containers. If you ask nicely, most restaurants will dig this because it saves them money too.

Have Mug, Will Travel

Keep a reusable¬† mug in your mom and dad’s car at all timesjust in case they stop to surprise you with a hot cocoa.

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