Toy Companies: Stop Using Plastic Packaging

Last spring, a group of us were walking on the beach in Rincon, when we found a baby seal with plastic wrapped around his neck. Every time he moved, it would pull and choke him. We ended up being able to free him but it was horrible to see. The experience inspired us to launch this PETITION ASKING TOY COMPANIES TO ELIMINATE PLASTIC PACKAGING. 

Plastic packaging is the single BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO THE OVER 28 BILLION pounds of plastic that enter the ocean each year, representing a massive 42% of the plastic polluting our oceans (Ocean Conservancy, 2018). And toy companies are one of the biggest producers of plastic packaging.

To the CEO’s of LEGO, BANDAI, NAMCO HOLDINGS, FISHER-PRICE, BARBIE, NERF, and HOT WHEELS, we are asking for your help.

Toys are supposed to be for kids having fun, learning, and exploring; not polluting our ocean and the environment we live and play in. We are the kids who buy your toys. Please do the right thing and eliminate plastic packaging. 

PLASTIC POLLUTION HAS A MASSIVE IMPACT ON ALL OF OUR HEALTH. From the tiniest plankton in the ocean to the largest whales in the sea, plastics effect nearly 700 species including humans. Even human babies are now regularly born with chemicals from plastic already in their bodies (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2015). 

PLASTIC IS IN OUR FOOD SYSTEMS, DRINKING WATER, OCEANS, and LAKES because plastic degrades and turns into microscopic particles that enter our food and water system.

CEO’s of LEGO, BANDAI, NAMCO HOLDINGS, FISHER-PRICE, BARBIE, NERF, and HOT WHEELS, thank you for doing the right thing and eliminating plastic packaging.

Please join us and SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY.

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